Your own corner of the online world

Want to create an online presence for your brand?

A great place to start is by finding a central place to operate out of, your domain. This is where your online brand will call home and where your website and emails will be based. Our support packages will help you maintain this space, as well as implement security and other specifics where possible.

Domain Management

If you are not hosting with us, then we can still assist with domain management. We will just need you to add us as a technical contact to your current hosting plan. This will ensure we can still offer you Domain & Email Support, as well Domain Security.

Domain & Email Support

For a flat rate of $39 per month, we offer the essentials in domain and email support, such as: new email addresses when you need them, basic DNS configuration requested by your IT department, domain re-directs, parked domain setting up, and the like. 

Domain Security (SSL Certificates)

Domain security and credibility has become a serious consideration with the rise of online shopping. If you are planning to run an eCommerce business, or are serious about SEO, then an SSL certificate is a must for you. Prices vary according to product and hosting company. Contact us now to discuss further.