Pay for results, not retainers

If you don’t get sales, signups, bookings, or inquiries,
then we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

As an accountant friend used to say, “Half of the marketing budget is a waste of money; the only problem is, we don’t know which half.”

As much as I would like to roll my eyes at this, the reality is that many business owners feel the same way. Even with all the tools, reports, and stats offered through the digital marketing era, it still seems entrepreneurs are not always convinced. Simply because the evidence still isn’t clear enough to justify big marketing budgets.

This is why we have introduced a “performance-based” pricing model.

This is contrary to a “retainer-based” pricing model, which requires you commit to a lump sum of money for (usually) a certain amount of hours.

Well, what if the marketing genius working on your account comes to work after a sleepless night because his/her 6 month old kept them up all night? Does the value of their hourly rate remain in tact?

Sure, maybe they’ll ‘make up’ for it by spending more time on the project. But maybe they won’t. That subconscious worry lingers in the back of your mind as you sign away a large sum of money every month.

But, if you’re lucky, you get sales. But, was it because of these campaigns? If you hadn’t spent that money would you still have gotten the results? Who knows?!

We say, remove the risk for the entrepreneur, get the marketer to put their money where their mouth is, and pay them if they get the results!

How does it work?

Well, we discuss the reasonable KPIs for your online business, we agree on a type of commission fee (usually 10% of the products’ retail price), you sign an agreement, and off we go to set up campaigns to get you (and now us) as much money as possible. Simple.

We then send you monthly reports to tell you if and how we’ve been successful.

If KPIs are not met, meaning you did not make sales, then we get 0 in our bank account. Simple.

If KPIs are reached, then we get 10%. You’re happy to pay because you know it’s money well-spent, not money that you could have used on something more useful.

Contact us now and we’ll get in touch with you right away to discuss some potential work together: